Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heron Island

Had an interesting weekend away on Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Was rough weather for the boat trip out of port Gladstone. All 5 of us struggled to hold our stomach contents in (youngest fell asleep, middle chucked then fell asleep, eldest looked a little green but watched underwater videos anyhow) me and husband put a very brave face on it - eating ginger may have helped a little!
Beautiful island even in the rain - still warm so much snorkelling was dond by husband and 6 year old who has learnt very quickly - they had a fab time. As soon as we stepped into the water a black tipped reef shark approx 1m long popped over to say a quick hello! Saw a few fish with my two youngest just standing knee deep in the shallows - 20 month old got very good at spotting the black and white striped ones.

Took a few photos - still getting used to all the modes on our new camera - seems the beach, landscape and underwater modes take good pictures, however the spport mode for moving wildlife and kids as well as the portrait ones need a little work. The kids had fun walking on the beaches - was a little hard on the feet the coral beach - still a few sharper bits! We tried twice to spot turtle hatchlings but no luck - it is the end of the season so we weren't expecting too but it would have been nice. Fell asleep listening to the not so quiet sounds of the mutton birds first night and a staff/research student party the second night (preferred the mutton birds!) Woke to second power cut - but this time no water - so no showers after a last dip in the sea or toilet flushing or settling of accounts until the last 30min.

Thank goodness the weather was calmer for our return trip - definitely planning on going back - in fact dear husband is looking at a dive package for July!

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