Sunday, May 6, 2012

To market, to market....

Have had a fabulous weekend of markets sharing the Phoenix love and spreading the word about my creative work with ties and buttons. Saturday saw my first afternoon/evening market which was a challenge having the lighting good - one strip set of lights worked really well but the camplight did not - glad I had a hand torch to show people what they were looking at! Had just started setting up when  huge gust of wind nearly blew my gazebo away - a couple walking by grabbed a leg each while I attached water bottle weights to each leg - no further gust to test my weights - oh well next time! Home by 8.30pm and left car packed for the early morning start - up at 4am for a set-up by 7.30am at the Calliope Historical River Village market day. Had a site right next to the toilets - handy for my 6 year old son who was helper for the day.

Great days with lots of new people introduced to Phoenix Trading and a few new fans on my facebook page and website Ties'n'Buttons. Going to need to order more stock and also get crafting - especially the button rings as at $4 these are a great little novelty buy for ladies of all ages - most customers leave wearing their rings :)

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