Monday, May 7, 2012

I love Pinterest - sometimes you find great ideas, sometimes just an awesome picture. Tonight I found an image I really liked - I followed the chain of links to find the artists website and her Etsy store.
I ended up purchasing three prints because they are so beautiful and for three very different reasons.

1. The first image is "The Reader" and is apt as we encourage our 6 year old to read.
2. The second is because we really all should make time to sit down and just listen to the sounds of the world we live in - preferably the sounds of nature.
3. The dragon nest hidden in the box with the newly hatched dragon will be for Jack as he is infatuated with dragons and is determined to find evidence of their existence whether fossils or real lives ones. His favourite movie at the moment is "How To Train Your Dragon" - had a fabulous time watching the stage show in Brisbane a few weekends back.

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