Monday, February 7, 2011


Sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself - 10 days seemed plenty of time to pack the house for moving. Two days running around after a broken down car and 4 days of headcold means I got a little behind - move in less than 48 hours and only 4 boxes packed!!!

Sorry - no time for blogging - will post a picture from the new place asap


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tomorrow is another day!

Have so much to do and don't seem to have achieved anything positive. However, I had 3 children in bed asleep by 8pm this evening and  they are all bathed, well fed and happy - so really I achieved miracles today. Weather forecast is at least a bit more promising for tomorrow.

Sunday is set to be exciting as we check out a catalyst for a serious life change and a new direction for the Sullivan family.

Watch this space.....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Love thunderstorms

Lily slept from 8pm to 2.30am, woke for a feed and then slept until 7am in her own cot - fantastic result :D

Now if only I had had the foresight to go to bed instead of waiting for baby to wake up!

So, what was different about last night? Maybe it was the new mattress in her portacot (still waiting for Nana to finish refurbishing the boys old blue cot into a white one suitable for a grand daughter).

So why was I still woken at 7am this morning - the awesome thunder and lightning storm that passed over this morning as a southerly blast hits the South Island. Did I mention that we live in New Zealand? A beautiful country we (partner, now husband) emigrated to over 8 years ago now...will be sure to post some pictures.

May investigate how to add extra pages to my blog so I can do some history and background information as I am 36 and there are many years of history to share for those interested in reading.

My kids love thunderstorms and generally sleep through them now - I put it down to when they awake to their first one (or see one during the day) we throw open the curtains and watch the light show, listening for the thunder and trying to work out how far away it is - demystify and educate are my core parenting theories when it comes to things that are generally scary and never start something you don't want to continue and become a habit (e.g pacifiers) is another.

hmmm...well that's 2 post in 2 days...can I maintain this pace?


Well...I did it...been meaning to for a while now...discovered facebook recently and love sharing status updates with family and friends...been able to get back in touch with people I went to primary school with...oh sorry...rambling already and only my first ever blog post..that's what I did by the way....finally started my own blog instead of just reading other peoples.

There are a few ways this will go:
1) I will post everyday and become boring to follow because my life just isn't that exciting!
2) I will post once a week and write huge lengthy, boring posts about what I had for dinner or the weather!
3) I will never post again! (this one unlikely as I am enjoying typing this and wondering if anyone will ever read it and do I care if they do or care if they don't! I mean what is the purpose of a blog anyhow - online Dear Diary with no padlock?)
4) I will write irregular, witty posts that people follow because they like the way I write and think I am funny and are keen to hear about the odd and interesting things I have done in my life and have yet to do.

I have been playing around with squidoo lenses lately and had fun creating them using templates - quite easy to pick up really and the templates are easy to use for adding photos, videos etc ... so hopefully I'll pick up this blogging idea really quickly too - other wise going to get old pretty quick with no pictures or anything more substantial than the ramblings of a tired mother of 3 children under 6 years old who should really be in bed asleep at 2am on a Friday night - but is instead sitting here creating her first ever blog and waiting for the 5 month old to wake up for her night feed (probably be tonight she sleeps through and I'll still be sitting here at 7am!!!)

....night, night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!