Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Been busy - honest we have!

Haven't posted for such a long time :(

Been so busy with life, family and business that I haven't had time to write it down - barely had time to record important stuff in Jack's homeschool diary records!

The homeschool community is quite active here in little old Gladstone - we have been involved in whole days of activities, Science workshops and this Friday we're off to the Fire Station for a tour and in a few weeks we have an art day.

Best day out recently was our trip with Dad (on a rare day off) to a local Crocodile farm - very interesting. We even ate crocodile kebabs for lunch - yum! The kids all got to hold a baby crocodile (mouth taped) even Lily this time who had been asleep last time at the Expo in the Botanic gardens.

Jack finished his first book, "Jack and the Lost Cow" It is fully illustrated, he dictated the text and then he copied my writing into his book - love it and so proud of him. He's writing one about pirates now - again brilliant illustrations!

My Phoenix trading business has been keeping me busy with new traders, remote parties, donations for charity events and markets.

My craft business is also taking off with me providing donations for a couple of charity events and hoping the exposure is good advertising.

Off to craft with the kids tomorrow at Calliope Crafty Capers - we love Tina - she's awesome!
Thursday we are off to Playgroup - great, relaxed gathering of like-minded mums and their kids.

Here's hoping we've seen the last of this flu that knocked us off our feet for a while there :(