Saturday, May 19, 2012

A simpler life!

I keep thinking lately about my babies - cannot believe my eldest will be 7 at the end of this coming September - I still remember cuddling him to sleep and trying the letting him cry and it breaking my heart - couldn't do it - all my babies get a cuddle when they need one!

Read this post just now and it had me in tears - how have we lost natural parenting and why is it so hard to find a way back?

As we embrace natural learning in our homeschooling life I wish I had had the courage to do what felt right and not follow the advice of some of the parenting books I chose to read and believe briefly when my eldest was a baby. Our third is very different - we are more relaxed as parents and she is having a fabulous time growing up with two big brothers.

There is too much pressure on families these days to have big houses, room per child shows wealth, new cars, boats, TV's gadgets etc ..... we have become so materialistic....I want more, indeed I need less....I was happy with my 7 year old mobile phone (only bought a new one because I moved country and my old one wouldn't work!), a TV that I don't have to sit 50ft away from because it is 'too' big.

I crave a simpler life with a plot of land, an easy care home with space for a vegetable garden and chickens.....not for me is suburbia and polite conversations with neighbours over fencelines.....need a little space and quiet to be a family!

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