Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinosaurs, mosquitos, turtles and Kookaburras!

What a wildlife day today was!
First we had the Erth's dinosaur petting zoo show. Pretty cool - no big dinosaurs as we were expecting, no T-Rex or Brachiosaurus. They had baby dinosaurs that the kids were encouraged to stroke, a gigantic dragonfly, small friendly one - can't remember it's name and then a Lianasaurus that was found in Victoria in 1999 and named after the discoverers daughter. Jack now desperately wants to discover dragon fossils so he can name them!

I was driving home past the gates of the Botanic Gardens when I decided an impromptu first visit was in order. We bought turtle pellets and fed most of it to the ducks - we tried to feed the turtles but they were trampled/swamped by the ducks. The map the information centre gave us was useless and we got very lost/disorientated whilst being attacked by mosquitos. Friendly brush turkeys and close encounters with Kookaburras made up for that though. Kids had fun on the playground and we all went home happy!

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