Sunday, May 6, 2012

Want to share two quick sales stories with you.

1. At market on Saturday a lady came in to my stall looking for a birthday card for a male. She had a quick look and found L181 Owl Birthday "Happy Birthday Too-Woo!" Perfect because the male in question sculpts owls for his wife who loves owls. Panic as the customer spotted the recipient heading their way from another nearby stall - she asked for a pen, wrote it there and then hiding behind me whilst her husband and his wife did an impromptu Happy Birthday singing - she gave him the card and then he opened it on the spot. Customer paid and I am left with a funny story about the quickest ever sale to recipient Phoenix story!

2. Although very tired on Friday night I decided to make one more women's necktie from a 100% silk tie I had washed but hadn't gotten around to pressing - I wasn't sure whether to add a button or not to the design when I remembered the gold buckle that I had happened to replace the removed stones with some beads I had from a necklace I had deconstructed. Worked prefectly and I stitched it into place. Finished it at 11.30pm and went off to bed happy. A lady spotted it on one of my stands, tried it on and bought it that afternoon - she was very happy with the colours and it suited many items of clothing in her wardrobe. I am once again reassured as I make each one that they will find that someone who falls in love with and just has to have. Same happened on the Sunday with a gorgeous blue one, but the lady was out of cash and has decided to take a chance and wait for the next market (hoping she'll email/phone me before then).

 Next market will be my local again and then a double weekend of Arts and Crafts - so will need to make lots more before then so there are plenty for people to choose from and see what I can create - custom orders would be easier rather than me just choosing and making up individual ties!

In the meantime view creations old, new and sold at

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