Friday, May 4, 2012

Latest upcycled necktie creation from TiesnButtons!

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is craft womens neckties using mens neckties and buttons, buckles, brooches and lace. Tomorrow I am off to market to show some more of my creations. I have a huge collection of ties, new, preloved and vintage, silk and polyester. I also have a rather large collection of vintage, new and preloved buttons in all colours. As well as making the upcycled neckties for women I also make button jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair clips, brooches and ear-rings. I wear what I make and always get compliments on my styles. Ties and buttons are fun to wear and will make a statement!

I have many designs, colours, styles available and am more than happy to take custom orders if there is a colour you need or an outfit to complement and add a WOW! is my website where you will find links to Etsy or Made-It and also a gallery of sold images.

Latest creation used a 100% silk tie in navy and burgundy with a beautiful gold swirly pattern throughout (has photographed red rather than burgundy and a brighter blue than the navy it really is) - too late for natural light. This one uses an old belt gold coloured belt buckle which I have glued beads into since someone saw fit to remove whatever was in there. (engraved with zechoslov.252 on the back - czech gold?) No fancy knots required to wear this one - each tie is carefully folded into its design and then neatly handstitched by me using a cotton colour to suit the tie (burgundy in this case) and no stitches are visible from the front and I even try to hide the reverse stitches as much as possible. A snap fastener is then sewn to either end of the design/tie/knot for easy on/off
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