Saturday, June 16, 2012

Feeling much more positive today!

The kids decided to build their own little restaurant this morning, they made a kitchen out of their Maxamec (giant Meccano) and used their playfood to serve me up chicken drumsticks and chips with gluten free cake for dessert. Jack even wrote down my order and created a menu in his own made-up srcibble language (Literacy - hey the thought was there). On realising they only had 4 pieces of playfood pizza, Jack set about drawing 2 extra pieces to fill in the circle (Maths) complete with toppings.

Decided we needed some exercise (PE) and Vitamin D exposure and husband wasn't asleep so we went for a bike ride down by the river (haven't been brave enough to go by myself for fear of crocodiles and snakes!) Boys rode their bikes and we pushed Lily on her trike. Met two dog walkers and one older couple out for a stroll in just under an hour. Happy to report no crocs sighted - looked in all the bushes though! Lots of birds and butterflies and some monster sized ants (nature study)!

For lunch I stir-fried mince with courgettes, beansprouts and red cabbage and served with rice noodles.

We made vanilla cookies (Cooking and shapes (how to get the most cookie shapes per roll)) from Kersten's recipe E-book - fabulous - no sooner were they cooled down then we ate the whole batch (not bad for sugarless cookies).

The boys went on Reading Eggs for a while and then continued with their playfood restaurant. When I start to wonder about them spending time on Clever Dragons and Reading Eggs I usually get an email report letting me know what they've been up to - yesterday they watched heaps of educational videos on Clever Dragons and my report listed them:

 -  How Its Made-Doughnuts
 -  Sid the Science Kid: The Journey of a Germ
 -  SUPER WHY! Alpha Pigs Pumpkin game
 -  How strong is a strand of hair?  
 -  Making coins
 -  How It's Made Hot Dogs
 -  How It's Made: Violins
 -  Apolo Anton Ohno, Salt Lake City, World Cup Short Track 2008
  -  How its Made - Oil Tanker Ships
 -  1 Learning: Playing Tuba/Trumpet/Euphonium/Baritone/Flugelhorn/French
 -  Learning About Diabetes: A Walk with Tim and Lindsey
 -  How It's Made: Gold
 -  How its made-potato chips
 -  Polar Bear Moms and Cubs  
 -  megalodon monster sharks - still alive?
 -  Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel - Steven Sharp Nelson
 -  Pony birthday cake - How to make a pony cake
 -  Tim and Moby tell you about Swine Flu
 -  BrainPOP UK- Flu and Flu vaccines
 -  How It's Made - Fluorescent Tubes
 -  Cool Fish!
 -  How It''s Made: Helicopters
 -  Bill Nye The Science Guy on Static Electricity (Full Clip)
 -  How Mozzarella is made  
 -  Dr Suess - Green Eggs And Ham
 -  How It's Made - Darts
 -  How It's Made Swords
 -  Rocket Balloon
 -  How much sugar is in a can of soda?
 -  how its made s5 ep13- toothbrushes
 -  Dry Ice Bubble  
 -  How It's Made Baseballs
 -  How It's Made Skateboards

What a fantastic resource!

See for yourself - they both have FREE trials!

For dinner we had leftover lunch mince with rice this time and fried courgette slices which the boys reliably informed me were 'YUM'.

Now I feel the need to make carrot cake but it's 9.30pm!
So maybe tomorrow?

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