Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Been too busy to write :(
Have photographic evidence of my existence for the last 2 weeks!!!
Stormy sunset over Gladstone

Lily getting close to the fish dissection action of Jack's first ever fish!

Too busy being creative to put it aside for lunch!

Lily multi-tasking on the banana phone (very important phonecall) whilst eating lunch!

Fabulous recycled music area at Ecofest

Tom holding a 2 year old crocodile

Jack with 2 year old crocodile

Boys watching a 4 year old crocodile who liked having his head and back stroked

Me holding the 2 year old crocodile - glad his jaws were taped closed!

Jack getting close with a carpet python

Tom no fear having python's head on his hand!

More Jack with snake - check out the scary snake lady!

Tom's turn with the python

No problem Mum!

My turn!

Very brave Mum working hard on conquering her fear of snakes! She was terribly heavy and so strong - and the snake lady was behind my camera - I was starting to get nervous by now and shook for 10 min after! So glad I did this though just to prove I can!

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